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PROmisy division (hereinafter referred to as the “PROmisy”), operated by FUKUNAGA ENGINEERING CO., LTD  being fully aware the private information, including name, address, telephone number etc.) is extremely important. We will make continuous efforts for the proper treatment and protection of Personal Information in accordance with the following Privacy Policy.  By accessing our website, you acknowledge and fully understand this Privacy Statement and freely consent to the information collection.

Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Purposes of our Personal Information Protection Policy are as follows:

(1) To ensure the continued peace of mind of our customers by implementing reliable information protection.
(2) To ensure the continued peace of mind of our employees by implementing reliable information protection.

2. Regarding the management of personal information

We will safeguard in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations: all personal information related to our company, our company’s areas of business (the development and sales of metal resource recycling, FIBCs, and non-puncture tires), systems and regulations, as well as management systems put into place for the sake of the protection of personal information.

(1) Regarding the gathering of personal information
Before gathering any personal information, we clearly will state to our customers and employees the purpose of collecting said information, and we will use it only those measures that are legal, fair, and necessary for the attainment of said stated aims.

(2) Regarding the use of personal information
We will only use personal information to the extent that we have been granted permission, and for nothing else.

(3) Regarding the transmission or sharing of personal information
When sharing or entrusting said information to a third party, we will do so only to the extent that we have received permission for from our customers and employees. Furthermore, if it becomes necessary to provide said information in the context of a deposition, we will do so only after notifying and receiving consent said our customers and employees.

3. Regarding the implementation of safety measures

This company, in order to guarantee the accuracy and safety of customer information, enacts safety and information security measures to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, corruption, alteration, or leakage of personal information. Moreover, according to results of internal audits or industry security incidents that act as precedents, we will make adjustments and improvements as requested by our customers and employees.

4. Regarding compliance with regulations and standards

This company, in order to implement protection of personal information, complies with JIS regulations, laws and ordinances related to the protection of personal information, guidelines from the relevant authorities, the guidelines of industry groups that this company affiliates with, and all other relevant models and standards.


5. Regarding the ongoing improvement of our compliance program

We make continual efforts to improve our compliance program through opportunities presented by internal audits and industry representatives, in order to realize the best possible compliance program for our business.

6. Respect for the rights of our clients and employees

This company respects the rights of our clients and employees, and reliably complies with all requests for or against the disclosure, correction, deletion, use, and sharing of personal information.

7. Comments, complaints, and consultation regarding personal information

We will respond to all requests by clients regarding personal information in the most timely manner possible through the consultation bureau referenced below.

Purposes of use of personal information

This company gathers personal information for the following:

We may request such information as name, address, mail address, workplace, and position towards the implementation of web site sales, questions and comments, applications for the transmission of material, email transmission services, and the carrying out of all kinds of other event questionnaires.

In these instances, this company uses above information for the following purposes:

(1) to offer products and services;
(2) for the billing and collection of payment for products and services offered;
(3) to offer up-to-date information to customers regarding products and services offered;
(4) to make requests for feedback regarding the use of and planning for products and services offered.

When we request personal information from our clients, the use of said information is constrained to those bounds as have been previously agreed to by the client.

If such circumstances arise wherein it becomes necessary to use such information beyond such bounds as have been previously agreed to by the client, we will alert the client in advance of any action being taken. If the client does not consent to use of such data within the new context, we will defer to the client’s wishes regarding the handling of said data.

If the client does not wish to provide their personal information to our company, we will do everything we can to accommodate the client’s wishes.
(However, there are cases where we will not be able to offer certain services without the necessary personal information.)

Procedures necessary in case of information collection

When corporate or personal information is registered with Fukunaga Engineering, at some point, we will make clear, either through the web site or personal consultation, the intent of such registration and how such information is to be used, and will limit use of said information to such parties as have been outlined in that agreement.

Correction of personal data and deletion of registrations

If, for any reason, the user wishes to amend or delete previously registered personal data, we will make arrangements, either through our website or email communication, to that end.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption

To protect the personal information we use standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transmitting important data, such as customer`s personal data or credit card information.


We at Fukunaga Engineering take all possible measures to keep your private information safe and secure. When you use our website to transmit private information, your information is protected both on- and off-line. We access your personal information only to respond to requests and offer customer support. We may, from time to time, use such information for marketing purposes or notifications, but can exclude individual information from such activities according to that customer’s wishes.
Furthermore, regarding privacy or security activities, we are in continuous cooperation with our customers in order to guarantee that our information stays up-to-date. We are constantly attentive to customer needs in order to stress the gravity of information security and to guarantee the protection of customer information.



We at Fukunaga Engineering, with the extreme importance of the protection of personal information firmly in mind, take every precaution when receiving personal data from users through our website.

Unfortunately, and due to the very nature of internet communications, it is technologically impossible to guarantee 100% security all the time.

The user retains all responsibility for data that is sent or received via the web site and as such, we cannot guarantee its security.

Use of this website implies agreement with this privacy policy. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, it is requested that you do not make use of this website.

Moreover, Fukunaga Engineering reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time as necessary.


How to contact us

If you have any questions or comments regarding our management of personal information or our privacy policy in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5-13-30, Shiginonishi, Joto-ku, Osaka-city
Osaka, Japan, 536-0014


CEO: Masahiro Fukunaga

Telephone number: 06-6969-3647


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