About PROmisy


Our company has been engaged in FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) production for many years.

Basing on this experience we established a new brand called “PROmisy” and provide FIBCs of high-quality and high-functionality.

Brand name “PROmisy means “Promise to provide products of high-quality and high-functionality for professional needs” (for wide range of customers, such as chemical, food, export industry).

We created the reliable products which can be used by customers all over the world, who has been facing with problems of contamination, low tensile strength, incompatibility with global standards.

By developing of new FIBC functions which were almost unimaginable before we consider the FIBC not as
“Just package for transportation”, but as “Special package” which is intended for careful transportation of
our Customers` precious goods.

Complete quality control

room controled by high air-pressure

Each manufacturing line inside the factory is divided into separate rooms, and all of them are equipped with air –wash system, applied to cleanliness standards of ISO14644-1(equivalent to standards for food and electronics production lines ). Air-flow control system of production room does not leave any chance of dust contamination to slip in the bag.

Ultrasonic cutting devices

It is widely known that FIBC fabric cutting process is usually performed by heat-cutting machine. But the problem is that easily-occurred melted particles may lead to contamination problem. For PROmisy FIBC`s we use ultrasonic cutting device which eliminates risks of contamination.

Appliance to global strength standards food hygiene control system

Appliance to global strength standards food hygiene control system
Our products are produced in compliance with strength level established by international FIBC packaging standard「ISO21898」 Our factories are successfully audited and certified by 「AIB」「BRC」 which established standards for food production lines. We are also certified by 「HACCP」as well. And it is needless to say that all our products are complied with 「Food Hygiene Control System」

all facilities under one roof

All parts used in our FIBCs are produced inside one factory. This system of producing body fabric, lifting belts, PE liner, stitching yarn, pocket in one place guarantees stable quality.

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