Baffle /Gambo Bag

Formstable FIBC (also known as Baffle Bag, Gambo Bag, Q Bag):
Baffle type bag with internal support PP baffle sewn across each corner helps protects from bulging of FIBC filled with powder or granular material.


Baffle bag
  • Helps maintain a square shape (better overall visual effect), prevents from bulging of FIBC filled with powder or granular material.
  • Increases stacking stability, eliminating the risks associated with collapse.
  • Provides the maximum effective use of container, truck or warehouse space.

Baffle option

net baffle
  • Net baffle bag:
    Innovative Net Baffle is made with polypropylene tapes connected by polypropylene strings.  Sewing these baffles across each corner of the bag promotes a more effective and even flow of product to corners of the bag. It is the best solution for keeping the square shape of FIBC and its stable stacking.
net baffle liner
  • Standard FIBC with baffle-type PE liner:
    We also offer bags with internal baffle liners for more liquid type products where stability and protective features are required. Baffle-type PE liner guarantees protection from leakage and contamination.

Contact us

Baffle bags can be produced to meet your exact requirements. Upon your request we can provide samples for your confirmation. Please contact us for more information.

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