Conductive/ groundable bag (Type C)

Conductive type bag (also known as Type C bag) is a FIBC produced from special fabric with interconnected conducting yarns, which dissipates static electricity during filling or discharging process.Proper grounding of FIBC during filling or discharge prevents the accumulation of static electricity and eliminates the risk of dust explosion and ignition.

General description

conductive bag

Dangerous static discharge is safely dissipated to ground through earth bonding point that prevents from accumulation of static electricity.

  • Facts about conductive FIBCs:

    • ・Suitable for filling of combustible powders.
    • ・Using fabric with interconnected conductive yarns.
    • ・Grounding point prevents dust explosion and ignition when filling of FIBC.
    • ・Complies with  IEC(*)standards.

Note: IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission ) is a nonprofit organization that develops and publishes standards concerning electrical and electrotechnical technologies.

How it works

For the production of Conductive bag we use special fabric, with carbon steel wires or silver conductive yarns interwoven at regular intervals.Conductive yarns, forming Faraday Cage remove static electricity through the bonding point, attached on one side of the bag.

Fabric with conductive yarns is very effective for avoiding of discharge of undesirable static electricity. Grounded bag can be safely used in flammable atmosphere with MIE (minimal ignition energy) of greater than 0.14mJ.

Test results

Position of measurement Mean Yarn Spacing (㎜) Resistance to Earth Bonding Point(average)
Side 1 980㎜×120㎜ 4.1-4.9×105Ω
Side 2 980㎜×120㎜ 4.1-5.1×105Ω
Side 3 980㎜×120㎜ 4.1-5.4×105Ω
Side 4 980㎜×120㎜ 4.1-4.9×105Ω
Bottom panel 980㎜×120㎜ 5.1-5.9×105Ω
Bottom spout cover 980㎜×120㎜ 5.1-5.8×105Ω
Bottom spout 980㎜×120㎜ 5.1-5.8×105Ω
Top panel 980㎜×120㎜ 5.1-5.6×105Ω
Top spout cover 980㎜×120㎜ 5.1-5.6×105Ω
Top spout 980㎜×120㎜ 5.1-5.8×105Ω
Lift belt / 4.9-5.7×105Ω

This bag meets the requirements of BS5958:1991 and CENELEC R044-001 standard and may be classified as Type C container.

Item specifications

Conductive bag, described below, is our standard product, which can be dispatched to you soon after your order.
Please feel free to contact us by telephone or contact form, if you have any questions regarding the price, specs or order lot.

product picture


Volume 970L
Body size 900x900x1200Hmm
Fill spout 500φx500Hmm
Discharge spout 500φx500Hmm
Features Conducting yarns/ earth bonding points


・Please assure that bag is properly grounded in case of filling and discharging
・Please ground the bag properly, according to our instructions.
・Please do not forget, that incorrect use may increase the risk of explosion.

Contact us

Conductive (Type C) bags can be produced to meet your exact requirements. Upon your request we can provide samples for your confirmation. Please contact us for more information.

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