Sift-proof/ sift-resistant FIBC

Our sift-proof (sift-resistant) bag is the best solution for customers, who wants to prevent leakage of very fine filling materials, such as chemicals or battery materials, from seams.


  • The usual practice to help prevent the escape of filling materials from FIBC is utilizing of lamination fabric (heat coated with PP film), but in case of very fine materials (such as carbon black etc.) the leaking occurs from seams.


Our company provides the following solution to ensure resistance from product sifting.

  • 1st step:Overlock stitching.
    Overlock stitching sews over the edge of two pieces of fabric. The main difference from chain stitching is that this style assures a tight seam which helps reduce the risks of material sifting.
  • 2nd step:We use special filler cord, made from felt or non-woven fabric, which sewn into a seam to help prevent the leaking of fine dusts and powders.
FIBC main sew lines where filler cord is used
FIBC side line, top and bottom line, fill and discharge spout.
As there are many customers who use Baffle (Gambo) type FIBC for fine materials, we also recommend using of filler cord when attaching inner baffle to FIBC body.
Advantages of filler cord
  • High sift-proofing performance, because of tight seam
  • Attaching to outside surface of FIBC reduce the risks of contamination.

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Sift-proof/ sift-resistant FIBC can be produced to meet your exact requirements. Upon your request we can provide samples for your confirmation. Please contact us for more information.

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