Quality certificates


Our FIBCs have successfully passed both material and performance tests based on strength standards established by ISO21898. Material tests include tensile strength test as well as UV-resistance test. Performance tests include cyclic top lift and compression/ stacking test.

※ISO21898:2004 (Packing – FIBCs for non-dangerous goods) is a global standard for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, analogue of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Z1651. This International Standard specifies materials, construction, design requirements, test types for FIBCs intended to contain non-dangerous solid materials.

We can ensure that all our products tested using the specified methods and meeting the specified performance requirements established in ISO21898, are qualified as safe for use in a broad range of industries.


 Our production process has been developed according to AIB, BRC, HACCP requirements, regarding hygiene standards at food manufacturing plants. By implementing severe control system into food – grade FIBCs production process we are able to supply FIBCs of high safety.

※AIB:American Institute of Baking
BRC:British Retail Consortium
AIB is a non-profit organization which established food hygiene control system (focused on cleaning), also known as  GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice), used in food manufacturing process.

BRC Global Standards facilitate standardization of quality, safety, operational criteria and manufacturers` fulfillment of legal obligations, and also of management system based on HACCP.

「Food Hygiene Law」

Our products have successfully passed the analytical tests, determined in Japan Food Hygiene Law, conducted by Japan Food Research Laboratory. It means that fabric material used for our products is appropriate for food-grade FIBCs production.


This international standard is used for classification of clean rooms, according to concentration of airborne particles. In general, cleanliness level, provided in our factory, complies with standards for food and electronics production lines and is provided for all production stages, such as fabric weaving, cutting, sewing, packaging.

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